Children are in danger.

 Case RID 1300823

Angelina Villa reported her ex Husband Bobby David Harris, III and his associates for filming and trafficking children to multiple agencies in 2015. Ever since, she has dedicated her time and energy to treating her children’s mental health and protecting them from the men and women who they claimed abused them.

Their son was hospitalized in an institution in 2016 due to the trauma suffered at his father’s home.

However, Riverside agents turned their backs on the claims and repeatedly acted with gross incompetence. No charges were pressed against any of the alleged abusers, including members of the local Sheriff’s Department, in Riverside, California.

In 2017 full custody of the children was granted to the alleged abuser, Bobby David Harris III. There are no real statement of facts to substantiate this, other than a baseless recommendation from a JAL who did no research into the children’s claims.

Because Angelina would not subject her children to further harm, she now faces criminal charges. No allegations of abuse nor criminal charges were ever presented on Ms. Villa before she reported the sex ring.

Their father, a former Riverside city employee, had three recent criminal convictions (including prostitution). An active restraining order was in place all of 2016 that protected Angelina and the children against Bobby Harris for previous physical abuse.

Bobby Harris is aggressively reporting the children as missing now that a legal order is in place. However, he remained relatively silent when his ex wife moved away to escape harassment in June of 2016. He had no contact with them for nearly nine months, and made no formal claim to see his children, or indicate that his ex wife was “mentally unstable”.

Any discerning mother, after experiencing the traumatic disclosures of her children and the neglect of public agencies, would protect her children from further abuse. Angelina and her children have had to flee two homes since reporting this ring. However, her children go to bed nightly peacefully and safely without the threat of being disturbed by perverse men and women.

Against all odds, truth is revealed. The attempts to ignore and cover up the alleged crimes, only exposes those involved.

We must ask why an abuser and sex criminal was granted full custody after his children claimed he abused them. Why was no proper investigation performed on him or any of the others named? Why did CPS not recall what was told them in the interviews? Where is the RCCAT tape from the station? All “circumstantial evidence” points to obstruction of justice.

These abusers in positions of power hide behind the phrase “unsubstantiated”. But when they pull the strings of those who have the authority to substantiate crimes, they feel untouchable.

Expose them. Bring justice to the children. The time is now.

Public knowledge of systematic crime is the start of change.

Child porn and sex trafficking rings exist here in the United States. These underground railroads of perversion operate under our noses because a group of corrupt men and women protect each other’s interests and inhumane lusts for blood, sex, and money.
The allegations made by children, their emotional and mental states, and circumstantial evidence is not enough to free them from this abusive system.
We continue to expose the truth and maintain the safety and well-being of children and those who seek to protect them.


Battered women who report abuse are likely to lose custody of their children. 80% of cases involving sexual abuse end up with full custody going to alleged abusers.

It’s not about the facts. It seems to be about who the parents know and maintaining the status quo power structure.

Reports of trafficking in Riverside County California go directly to the agency allegedly involved in the crime.

Covering up child trafficking is done systematically.

California courts repeatedly give full custody to abusers. Once is too much. Families should NEVER have to live through this.

The people that the Judges depend on to make decisions on abuse cases are expensive and in many cases ill equipped to make such important decisions.

Many other references are found here:

Crisis in US Family courts: Where Judges Rule Against Victims of Domestic Violence and Their Children and Give Custody to Abusers and Pedophiles


Our mission is to develop innovative social solutions to expose and eradicate the sexual exploitation of children.

We support women and children affected by domestic violence, sexual assault and exploitation. Often times mothers in crisis may have a difficult time finding local support while in a dangerous situation.

Our network offers information and resources to help.

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